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San Jose Camera & Video  PPSCV Members Rate - Macro Workshop - May 21, Afternoon Session  

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Name of Class:  PPSCV Member Macro Workshop Special

Length of Session:  2 1/2 Hours


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San Jose Camera & Video-PPSCV Members Rate - Macro Workshop - May 21, Afternoon Session-Classes
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Name of Class

PPSCV Member Macro Workshop Special

Class Topics

Macro Photography Seminar & Live Shooting Session

Discover hidden detail in everyday objects in our Macro Photography Workshop. This workshop will teach you different techniques that will help you explore the world of macro photography. Experiment with different equipment that will allow you to create unique works of art. Don’t have a macro lens? No problem, Sony cameras & macro lenses will be available to try out during this event. You can also use your existing lenses to practice close-up photography techniques. This workshop will consist of a 30-minute seminar followed by a 2-hour shooting session. This hands-on event is a great way to improve your photography by letting you practice different techniques in a controlled environment. This workshop is limited to 15 participants each session to maximize your photographing time.

Meet the Instructor:
Dave Rhodes, Sony Photo Specialty Tech Re

Dave has decades of experience and is passionate about teaching. He will share his knowledge and experience to help you capture better images.

Sony Test Drive
Dave will also be bringing with him a selection of Sony cameras and macro lenses for you to use. Be sure to bring your own SD memory card if you want to try out a camera, as memory cards will not be provided. Lenses may be limited in availability. We will do our best to ensure all participants have an opportunity to try out a lens.

Workshop Date: Saturday May 21, 2022
Workshop Time: 1:30 PM

Length of Session

2 1/2 Hours

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